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Welcome to the Community Health Center Alumni Association (CHCAA). The CHCAA was established to celebrate the 50th anniversary of community health centers.

50-years Membership
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What are the Benefits?

Why join the Community Health Center Alumni Association? Your free membership in the CHCAA will help you to:

  • Be informed about alumni-related events around the country,
  • Connect/reconnect with other alumni through a website and social media that are being developed,
  • Share your experiences and be inspired by others’ stories and experiences,
  • Be a part of a community that is working to strengthen community health centers and help ensure their future.
What are the CHCAA Goals?

The CHCAA is helping to lead a campaign that will last throughout 2015 and that aims to:

  • Raise awareness about the impact health centers have had on fostering a sense of hope and opportunity in the communities where they are located.
  • Foster a greater sense of community among those who have had a connection with health centers.
  • Raise awareness about the value that health centers offer as a model for the health-care system as that system evolves.
  • Establish the centers’ “legacy going forward” and help improve prospects for the future.

Join today — there is no cost. Please fill the registration form on this page – and spread the word!

If you have questions, please contact us at info@chcalumni.org.

Did you know?
  • The first two community health centers were opened in Mississippi and Massachusetts in 1965.
  • Community health centers have succeeded more than organizers dared dream – in 2015, they are in every state and serve 1 of every 15 Americans.

The anniversary year offers an excellent opportunity to celebrate, educate, encourage and mobilize. The CHCAA was formed to achieve those goals.

Who can join? Anyone who has had a relationship with community health centers during the 50 years they have been in existence – providers, staff, patients, advocates, donors, vendors and supporters such as government officials.

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